Bachelorette Party in New Orleans

Palace Cafe New Orleans

Your bestie wants to have her bachelorette party in New Orleans and you are looking for ideas to make this a trip of her lifetime. Here is the quick guide put together but a local that made this Bachelorette weekend getaway a bliss.

    1. Rent a house on or that can hold the crowd. If you need extra space, ask the owner to recommend their neighbors that are bachelorette party friendly.
    2. Start your Saturday with a Brunch. Mimosas? Yes, please. Champagne? Why not? We chose Luke owned by Chef John Besh, this brunch heaven crafts French & German fare at this elegant brasserie with a bar & house brews. I ordered Fruge Farms Crawfish Omelet and the dish was outstanding. Make reservations in advance by calling: (504) 378-2840

      Luke Brunch New Orleans Louisiana

    3. After a perfect brunch, you can roam around the area, get a drink, shop and sightsee.
    4. Your dinner is the highlight on Saturday night before you go out and have a wild Bachelorette in New Orleans. We made reservations at: Palace Café. Note: You cannot be late for your reservations, this is a busy restaurant. Palace Café is known for Modern Creole cooking, we wanted to sit inside since there was plenty of space for the party of 10. I didn’t want to stuff myself, therefore I ordered: cup of Turtle Soup and “to die for” Crabmeat Cheesecake*. I cannot tell you enough how divine is Crabmeat Cheesecake* and if you are in New Orleans, you must eat this.
    5. After a dinner and a toast, we played couple of games with the bride and it was time to head out to the Drag Show that we reserved well in advance. Deja Vu Showgirls New Orleans not to be confused with the eatery, had a show for 9:00 pm and it was the most entertaining part of the night. These Drag Queens are great. The entrance fee was $15 per person and we had reservations right around the dancing pole. Bride loved it!
      Drag Show New Orelans
    6. We continued our night by making a stop at the Beach On Bourbon and went on bar hoping with our bachelorette party until the rest of the night.
    7. The next day we wanted regular, “non brunch” food with a great atmosphere and be opted in for The Rum House. Caribbean & Latin American bites including tacos served with tropical cocktails in a funky setting. I had Duck Duck Goose and Lamb Vindaloo tacos. Both were fabulous choices.
      Rum House Tacos

Please remember: Use Uber and activate split fair among your girlfriends and stay away from pushy shot girls. Watch your surrounding and do not disappear from your group. Have fun ladies!