Labor Aid Popsicles

Labor can be exhausting and tiresome, and I am so glad that I came prepared to the hospital with my labor aid popsicles. Two months in advance I made homemade popsicles out of fruits and veggies to give me energy during my labor.

I used Disposable DIY Ice Pop Bags Popsicle Pouches from Amazon, you can get some here and filled them with several natural juices.
My energizing blend contained:
2 Apples
2​ Carrots
1 stalk​ Celery
3 slices fresh​ Ginger
2-4 leaves of Kale

My sweet blend contained:
Handfull of berries
16oz of coconut water
2 apples

Right after contractions, I would get super hot, and the only thing that helped me was my labor aid popsicles. I kept asking my husband for more.