Tybee Island vs. Hilton Head – which beach should you visit?

Tybee Island, Georgia vs. Hilton Head, South Carolina beaches:

Since I had time to spare, I decided to explore both beaches to see which one had better amenities to offer. Let’s compare Tybee Island vs. Hilton Head and see which drive was worth it.

Tybee Island is located in the state of Georgia approximately 17 miles from Savannah.
Hilton Head on the other hand is in South Carolina and is 40 miles away from Savannah. If you had time to visit, which should you pick for a beach trip?

Hilton Head was a winner for a cheaper gas.

Tybee was at least 15 cents higher. I always pay attention to gas prices since I drive so much. However, Hilton Head has a toll but the view on the way there was beautiful. I could barely keep my eyes on the road. The water, trees and boats had me going wow the whole time. I pick Hilton Head for the scenery.
In case you wanted to drop off you loved ones at the beach and go shopping instead, Tybee had several small souvenir stores but nothing major.
Hilton had several shopping stores and a Tanger Outlet Mall located just minutes away from the beach in Bluffton, SC. Bingo!

Tybee Island vs. Hilton Head in parking:
I did find free parking near the beach in the Hilton Head but paid around 4$ in Tybee Island at the pier. Tybee is the closest fishing pier you will find in the area and is free to use as long as you own a finishing license. I did walk around there and even took a picture with the famous turtle.

Hilton Head beach sand was whiter, softer and water seemed clearer.

I do commend the city of Hilton Head for providing free WiFi Hotspot. They did have free showers and cute swing sets for curious minds like me to hangout.

Overall both beaches were full of positive energy and a great vibe. They are both for people that just want to relax and not worry about a thing. Next time I am in Savannah, I plan on visiting both because they do have a special place in my heart.

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