Oysters in Destin Florida

Oysters in Destin Florida – Destin is known as the luckiest place to fish. Since Apalachicola, Florida is a short distance away, all the delicious seafood and fresh oysters come from there. Today was the day when I had a strong craving for Oysters in Destin Florida and I had to explore the best hidden destin restaurants. According to the locals the Boathouse oyster bar is the place to be for huge oysters and fresh seafood. Since this is the Spring Break in Destin, Florida, every place is packed and traffic is crazy. The quick day road trip was well worth it after I indulged in this heavenly Destin Restaurant.  

The food:

Dozen of raw oysters cost $9.95 which is affordable compared to the commercialized destin restaurants that serve seafood. You get the bang for your buck. This picture below serves the justice, look how huge those oysters are!

Boathouse oyster bar

The atmosphere:

We arrived at 7:00 pm and the place was already packed. Be prepared, this restaurant is as country as it gets. Expect very little diversity and lots of stairs. We decided to sit at the bar because it was still cool and windy outside in Destin. Oysters arrived immediately since you are right in front of the guy that shucks them. Bartender was wonderful, she brought our drinks immediately and kept on checking on us all the time. There was a band playing and of course it was country music but who cares when oysters are so yummy. We ordered 2 dozen incredible Oysters in Destin Florida. My favorite part was all the dollar bills everywhere. It is adorable. I just imagined taking all of those for my next travel adventure around Florida.

Dollar Bills in Boathouse Oyster Bar
Dollar Bills in Boathouse Oyster Bar

Oysters in Destin Florida the view:

If you want to have a dinner outside then you can watch a the sunset, smell fresh air and eat seafood at the same time. The view is breathtaking and for this I would definitely give this destin restaurant A+.


Sunset at the BoatHouse Oyster Bar
Sunset at the BoatHouse Oyster Bar

Bonus Tip:

There is another Destin restaurant right outside of BoatHouse Oyster Bar called Coach’s Raw bar. It has a little bar set up and they claim to serve Cajun food, seafood and fresh oysters. We stopped by the next day to compare the two. The price is the same but the size if a huge difference. They were little and it took a long time to get our oysters. Once again BoatHouse wins the Oysters in Destin Florida battle. But just in case, I took a picture so you can judge for yourself. Happy Eating at restaurants that serve Oysters in Destin Florida


Coach's Raw Bar
Coach’s Raw Bar

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