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Raise your hand if you don’t like to eat. Not many will. Well I do but it has to be healthy, delicious, quality food. My favorite quote is: “you are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.” Biloxi, MS is my favorite place to visit for Crab Legs and seafood. I have visited all the buffets at the casinos in Biloxi and know exactly where to go for the best food. It is all you can eat crab legs and prices vary by a dollar or two. Please note that majority of them serve Crab Legs only on the weekends. Here are Lina’s ratings for casino appearance and crab legs buffet:

1. The Winner for the Buffet in Biloxi is Boomtown Casino ( /Dining/Buffet)

Boomtown Casino Buffet
Boomtown Casino Buffet
  • Price: Weekend crab legs buffet is $19.99 with your Boomtown Players Club Card ($24.99 without)
  • Interior: Outdated, casino looks a bit old, the crowd is generally older or maybe the oldest crowd in the whole Biloxi MS
  • Waiting time: 45 minutes on the average
  • Bonus: it features all the deliciousness you can imagine, including King Crab, Blue Crab, Snow Crab and Jonah Crab Claws.
  • Lina’s favorite part: they give you a huge metal buckets to place to your leftovers vs. just putting them on the plate and creating a mess.

2. The 1st Runner up is Back Bay Buffet in IP (Imperial Palace) Casino (

IP Casino Buffet
IP Casino Buffet
  • Price: Weekend crab buffet is 29.00 on Friday and Saturday and 24.oo on Sunday
  • Interior: Tall beautiful casino, lots of slot machines inside, however beware of the smoke. Crowd is younger. Nice sports bar/lounge to mingle.
  • Waiting time: 30 minutes on the average
  • Bonus: Salad bar and the dessert menu is huge.
  • Lina’s favorite part: I love the swimming pool and the hot tub at the IP Casino. Beautiful view of Biloxi and a very relaxing atmosphere.
IP Casino Pool
IP Casino Swimming Pool

3. The 2nd Runner up is The Buffet at Beau Rivage Casino( /restaurants/restaurants_casual_dining_thebuffet.aspx)

  • Price: The Seafood buffet is 29.99
  • Interior: Beau Rivage in Biloxi is gorgeous. They change themes for every holiday. It is almost like a walking museum. Upscale, dress accordingly.
  • Waiting time: They usually have 3 cashiers open at the same time. No longer than 15 minutes
  • Bonus: The wine bar, you can walk up and select your wine with the price of buffet included.
  • Lina’s favorite part: the service, they are very attentive and courteous. 
  • Read about Lina’s trip to Beau Rivage Buffet here: (
Beau Rivage Resort and Casino
Beau Rivage Resort and Casino

If you want to spend the night away dancing and clubbing, then start with IP Casino and make your way to Beau Rivage in Biloxi MS. From Beau you can walk to Hard Rock which has 2 dancing venues. Hard Rock Casino is definitely a scene for the younger, fun crowd.

Tip: the best place to get free drinks while playing slot machines is the IP casino. Tip the waitress from $5-$10 the first time she brings you a drink and she will be around you all evening long. Stay tuned for the next post as I continue to explore Biloxi MS.

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