7 Mile Bridge Run Key West Florida

Two years ago while on the trip to Turkey I saw an article about 7 Mile Bridge Run in Key West Florida. That article immediately caught my attention because of two things: a) I am obsessed with water and beaches b) bridges fascinate me because they connect point a to point b. Having water and bridges present at the same time while running the 7 mile bridge run was the coolest thing to me. I went on to their web site http://www.7mbrun.com/and saw that the registration will open up in February. On their Facebook fan page people were talking about how hard it was to get in and that the registration closed in just a few minutes. Knowing this and my personality, I was up and ready for a challenge to take on 7 mile bridge run in Key West.

The registration opened at 5 A.M. and I went right at it, knowing my debit card numbers helped a lot. I typed all my information and magically I was in. You would be surprised but the registration closed in 8 minutes. Only 1,500 people were allowed on the 7 mile bridge run and we had participants from all over the United State and Europe.

The run took place in Marathon, Florida (50 miles from Key West) and we had to cross that 7 mile bridge, which is the longest in the state of Florida. 7 mile bridge run seemed like a challenge to me, plus you had to do it in 90 minutes. If you did not complete it within the allocated time, you were going to be put on the bus. This bridge closes once a year for 90 minutes only and if you don’t cross it, well you are out of luck and the medal.

I arrived the night before to pick up package at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Marathon Florida. Lots of participants showed up and we received goodies such as Sparking Ice with 0 calories, yum! They sponsored the event and gave away lots of bottles with various flavors. IBERIABANK sponsored it as well and gave away free water on the bridge. Huge thank you to the sponsors!


The next morning running event started at 7:30 A.M., we arrived at 6:30 A.M. because parking was scarce and traffic was a bit crazy. Finding a perfect lodging played a huge role since we were only 3 miles away from the starting line. In the next post, I will discuss the hotel I picked and the price that was perfect. Here it was the start line, 7:15 A.M. – almost time go run. All the runners looked like they have been running for years and I were just getting started. I said my prayer and all I could ask for was to finish the 7 mile bridge run on time on this beautiful day in Key West Florida.


We took off at 7:30 and there it was – the famous 7 mile bridge, I was running it. One step at time I got closed to the finish line. There were few things that helped me along the way: volunteers cheering us up, water at every mile, spongers soaked in water, watermelon and the water itself – Atlantic Ocean on the left and Gulf of Mexico on the right. While running I repeated to myself, you can do this, you are so lucky to be here in Key West Florida, you got it.

After 83 minutes, I finished the race. I didn’t stop for once, I just kept pushing. 7 miles later and 1600 calories burned, I was rewarded with a medal, certificate and a massage for $5. I recommend this 7 mile bridge run in Key West to all the runners across the world, the view was breath taking, the organization of the event was on a professional level and just the whole atmosphere was full of positive energy.

If I could do this, you can. The next registration for the 7 mile bridge run in Key West will be in February 2015 and the run itself is scheduled for April 18, 2015. Key West or Florida itself is the paradise. Stay tuned as I write about the must visit places in Key West and Marathon, Florida.