Windsurfing World Cup in Turkmenistan

Top 5 reasons why you should be know about Windsurfing World Cup in Turkmenistan Awaza, Turkmenistan – a new stop that was added to the list of the events organized by PWA – Professional Windsurfers Association for July 2014.

Turkmenistan you may think. Do they even have Windsurfing World Cup in Turkmenistan? Some of you readers might hear the name of the country for the first time. Since I have visited this gem numerous times, here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit during this event.

Caspian Sea in Awaza Turkmenistan Caspian Sea in Awaza Turkmenistan

1) View Windsurfing World Cup in Turkmenistan on the largest lake in the world Caspian Sea – Awaza, Turkmenistan is located right on the beach of the Caspian Sea. “The Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed body of water on Earth by area, variously classed as the world’s largest lake or a full-fledged sea.” It is often known as the world’s largest lake, though it is not a freshwater one.

Ashgabat – Capital of Turkmensitan

2) Visit the 7th least visited country in the world. According to the stats, Turkmenistan gets around 7,000 visitors per year. To get a tourist visa could be challenging but these rules will not apply during Windsurfing World Cup event. Take advantage of this while you can.
3) Safe waters for Windsurfing World Cup in Turkmenistan – great news, there are no sharks or other creatures that will attack or bite you. Feel free to surf away and enjoy beautiful waters of the Caspian Sea in Awaza.

Chicken Shashlyk

4) Try cuisine that includes Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Turkmen foods. If you look back in the history, various parts of Turkmenistan were and still are influenced by several cultures. Turkmenbashi had a strong Russian and Azerbaijani presence. Since Turkmenistan became independent, various Turkish companies came in to the picture to assist with construction. If you are roaming around Awaza and strolling along the beach, you will most likely run into restaurants that offer various cuisines. Tip: if you like meat, try “manty” or “shashlyk”. If you like to drink, opt in for local vodka, it is cheap and as good as the imported one. Try delicious watermelon or melon for dessert and you will be hooked.

Turkmenbashi Airport

5) Visit $80 million first Yelken Yacht Club in Awaza built by Turkish Company Polimeks. This is where the competition for Windsurfing World Cup will take place. You can rent jet skis, yacht or a boat for a day. Head over to the private beach for bonfire and watch a beautiful sunset.

If you have any difficulties or questions prior to your trip to Awaza, feel free to email and I will do all I can to assist you.