Cape Henry Lighthouse in Virginia Beach, VA

If you are visiting Virginia Beach or Norfolk area and are craving history, consider this lighthouse as a treasure. Cape Henry Lighthouse is located on base. You will have to show your ID and get your car inspected, once you are in, lighthouse is located within a mile from the gate.


The entrance to this beautiful historic gem is located inside the gift shop. There you can find unique postal cards, jewelry, Christmas ornaments and other military accessories and souvenirs. The entrance fee is $8 and they do accepted Visa and MasterCard. Open the door and leads to the lighthouse and you will be faced with these magnificent stairs. Try to wear comfortable gear and consider this trip a mini workout.

As you climb up the stairs, you will read interesting facts that are posted on the signs and engraved stone. For instance,  the first federally funded lighthouse, which was built to guide maritime commerce at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. It is It is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses in the United States.


You can walk around  and view the beach, the air and the scene are spectacular. Bring 25 cents to use binoculars and watch ships passing by the area. Once you are ready, take a deep breathe and climb up very steep stairs.

On the very top , the view especially on a clear day, is phenomenal since the lighthouse is located in the center where Atlantic Ocean meets the Chesapeake Bay. If it is sunny outside, you will be able to see the Bridge Tunnel that connects the Virginia Eastern Shore to Virginia Beach. One the way out, pick up a few coupon books in the gift shop and score yourself free ice cream. Enjoy!