Crab Legs Buffet at Beau Rivage Biloxi, MS

Crab Legs Buffet at Beau Rivage Biloxi, MS

Famous country singer Sam Hunt was coming to Biloxi, MS and my friends wanted to attend the concert. Even though, I didn’t know who Sam Hunt was, I heard the right keyword and that was Biloxi. This city is known for multiple casinos on the coast but to me it is known for crab legs. I will come here any day, just to indulge in my favorite food item. Since girls never ate at the buffets here, I wanted to make their experience special. After debating and valuing my options, I selected Beau Rivage Casino and their all you can eat “The Buffet” buffet.

Here are my top five reasons, why Beau Rivage Crab Legs Buffet was a winner this time:

1) Crab Legs were fresh and huge.
I will not waste my time with tiny crab legs. If I am putting in work to crack them open, there better be plenty of meat inside. These crab legs were big and meat came right out of them. That is what I call an art my dear friends.


Boomtown Casino Buffet
Boomtown Casino Buffet


2) All you can eat crab leg buffet included all you can drink wine and beer.

This itself beat the price of the buffet. Instead of paying the price at the other buffets for drinks, we paid one price of $29.99 (Saturday – Seafood Extravaganza) and had no limits set on us for drinking. They have a bar inside the buffet, which is the only buffet in Biloxi, MS that I have visited in my lifetime with a serving bar inside. Bring a couple of dollars to tip the bartender and he or she sure will pour your beer in an ice-chilled glass and if you love wine as much as I do, join California Gold Medal Wine Club and thank me later.


3) Hot Crab Legs were replenished constantly.

I did not have to wait for even one minute on hot crab legs, because as you all know, cold ones are harder to eat. Every single time I walked up to get some more (at least 10 times), there was an employee replenishing and adding hot ones from the bucket. Be careful not to burn yourself because that is how hot and fresh they were.

4) The Atmosphere

The Beau Rivage Casino is elegant itself and you call feel that atmosphere in the buffet area. Crowd is classy and is there to enjoy their night. This place would be perfect if you are coming with a family, a group of friends, as a couple or solo. Service was outstanding, Mrs. Lisa (our waitress) did an excellent job replenishing our drinks and removing plates every single time we got up to get more food.  Manager was present interacting with guests which made it even more special. My friend Malorie (on the photo) dressed up for this occasion and is trying to stay classy while destroying delicious crab legs in Biloxi, MS.


 5) The Variety of Food

Even though, I mainly focused on destroying crab legs and putting the buffet out of business, there was a lot to select from. Dishes that stood out to me the most were: steak, sushi, enormous salad bar, Gyro station, fresh shrimp, crawfish, Asian Dim Sum, fried oysters, frozen yogurt station, ice cream and desserts. There were a lot of desserts to select from including sugar free options. I dived into tiramisu and that was an excellent choice.


My friends were pleased with the selection and the Beau Rivage Buffet and are already talking about the next trip to Biloxi, MS. Stay tuned as we destroy more crab legs on the coast of Mississippi.