Four reasons to go to Puerto Rico for a vacation

Four reasons to go to Puerto Rico for a vacation

How many of you have ever visited Puerto Rico? Dear readers, I am obsessed with Puerto Rico and here are my four reasons why you should go there for a vacation.

Reason 1: Affordability

I am going to Puerto Rico for my birthday and a long Christmas break next month. When you search for flights, you can use or go directly. Please note that Southwest does not publish their trips anywhere else except their website. My flight from Orlando to San Juan, Puerto Rico on Southwest Airlines cost $250 roundtrip. When you fly Southwest, you are allowed two free suitcases. I used website to rent an apartment. Airbnb is great because travelers leave reviews on the rooms that helped us to find the best location in San Juan, Puerto Rico and deal in the area. We booked a two bedroom two bath apartment on the beach which complimentary kayaks for $500 for two weeks. There is a Puerto Rican Groupon called available in English where they post daily deals on restaurants and hotels. I’ve watched it for a couple of months and bought dinners for two in high rated places for only for 15 dollars. Each deal includes a two full meals, two drinks and two desserts.

Reason 2: Paradise

Puerto Rico has over 300 beaches. Unofficial number is over 1000 beaches. Flamenco Beach is the second prettiest beach in the world. If you are not into beaches, then Puerto Rico has a famous rainforest called El Yunque. You can hike at high as the peak and then refresh under the waterfall. On the west coast of Puerto Rico, surfers from around the world gather to surf all year round. You can tour numerous caves and watch the breathtaking sunset. You are zip line through the world’s longest zip line at Toro Verde, and you can see for yourself how coffee grows at the coffee plantation. Road trips in 1 days because the island is 100 miles long by 35 miles wide.

Reason 3: Ease of Travelling

Puerto Rico is United States territory. In the 1800s Spain lost that territory to the United States. Puerto Rican born is a US citizen. When I fly out of Orlando airport, I will be in the domestic gate; there will be no customs or immigration between arriving and departing. The only two things I will need to leave is driver license and my ticket. US dollar is a national currency. Therefore I don’t have to look for exchange rates. Car rental is a breeze, all they need is a credit card and US driver license.

Mofongo in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Reason 4: Food

Puerto Ricans use plantains in their meals. The traditional meal is Mofongo served with chicken, crab, shrimp, steak. Seafood is fresh and affordable. You can drink fresh coconut juice from coconuts anywhere for a dollar or two. Mango is the juiciest mango I have ever tried, however, do try to eat all you can because you cannot take fruits, seeds or veggies out of Puerto Rico. Bacardi – Don Bacardi emigrated from Cuba to PR in the 1800s and set up his distillery. Now brand Bacardi is a well-known brand across the globe. Try the best Bacardi and mojito all around the island.